Once-A-Month Wishlist

Once-A-Month is a non-profit that aims to fight against period poverty and menstrual stigma in South Africa. We distribute menstrual products to all women in desperate need of them in South Africa. Help us reach more lives and make more impact. Please consider buying some products on our wishlist. We highly appreciate your help.
Registrant Co-Registrant Created Event Date
Once-A-Month Wishlist Jane Henry February 14, 2020 December 31, 2030

Registrant: Once-A-Month Wishlist

Co-Registrant: Jane Henry

Created: February 14, 2020

Event Date: December 31, 2030

Line Title Image Price Wants Has Needs Cart
1 Wisdom Regular Fresh Toothbrush Medium (Triple Pack) (Pack of 6 x 3)
£5.49 10 0 10
2 Crest Toothpaste Decay Prevention Fresh Mint 100ml (Pack of 6 x 100ml)
£5.49 10 0 10
3 Tena Lady Extra Pads 10s (Pack of 6 x 10s)
£16.49 10 0 10

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