How can I create my own Wishlist?

Simply click on ‘Charity Wishlists’ at the top of the page, than press ‘Create’ and fill in the required fields.

Is there a limited number of products I can have on my Wishlist?

No, we do not put a limit on how many products you can have on your Wishlist. It all depends on what your charity needs, so you can personalise it as you want.

Is there a certain quantity of products I can request?

Again, there is no limit in the quantity of each product you can request. We do understand that what your charity needs can vary depending on the time of the year etc. so you can always adjust the quantity shown in the ‘Needs’ column.

How will I be sharing my Wishlist and who can buy from it? 

Once your Wishlist is created, a ‘Share’ option will appear. This is basically a link to your Wishlist, and it will allow anyone you share the link with to have access to and donate to your Wishlist.

How easy is for people to donate to my Wishlist? 

This is very straightforward process. When people click on the link you shared with them, they will be taken straight to a list of all the products you need, which also shows how much you need of each product. Once they entered the number of products they want to donate, they can simply proceed to Checkout.

Is there a way to edit my Wishlist after creating it? 

You can always log into your account and manage your existing Wishlist. If you click again on ‘Charity Wishlists’ at the top of the page, you will be able to see a section called ‘Manage’. That will allow you to make any changes you need to your Wishlist, like add or remove products, or adjust the quantity you need for each product.

Can I create more than one Wishlist? 

Each charity is allocated only one Wishlist. This is to make it easier for people to find it, and for us to centralise donations. And because you can so easily manage what and how much you need, there is no need for you to create multiple Wishlists.

Can I track how much has been donated to my Wishlist? 

Of course, you can check your wishlist at any time, as the items be automatically deducted from it upon purchase.

How do I know when an item has been donated to my Wishlist? 

You will get email notifications every time someone has donated something off your Wishlist.

What do I do if I’m having difficulties creating/ managing or accessing my Wishlist? 

For any difficulties you are experiencing with our website, please email us on wishlists@easho.co.uk. We have a dedicated team who is always happy to assist.