The Hygiene Bank - Ipswich

At The Hygiene Bank, we believe it is not right that feeling clean should be a luxury or a privilege for anyone in our society, yet many are living in poverty and cannot afford to stay clean. That is why our network of projects exists – to give people access to the basics they need.

We are a grassroots, people-powered charity and social movement, grounded in community. Our passion stems from the injustice that people may be unable to fully participate in society due to hygiene poverty. This is why we work to inspire social change.
Registrant Co-Registrant Created Event Date
Lucie Green lucie green February 18, 2021 January 1, 2030

Registrant: Lucie Green

Co-Registrant: lucie green

Created: February 18, 2021

Event Date: January 1, 2030